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 Esthetician Sarah has brought the Mira spa to new levels of excellence. Crazy gifted at her craft, Sarah researches new tools and methods with conscientious rigor. She is determined to make a difference to her clients and to our spa.

Sarah studied at the distinguished Aveda Fredric’s Institute, where hands-on learning was a priority. She continues to study new practices and skincare technology and is certified in Hungarian facial massage. Together with her Ayurvedic skills, her training delivers a deeply relaxing spa experience with clinical benefits.

She’s inspired by clients who are ready for a custom skincare and self-care plan that transforms how they look and feel. Sarah is particularly excited about Mira’s clinical high frequency treatment and its versatility and benefits for clients with a wide range of skincare issues.

Tea enthusiast, plant mom, unofficial food critic, Sarah loves interior decorating and is constantly working on becoming her best self, inside and out, with the help of books by Matthew Kelly–and, of course, her own personal skincare plan.

Sarah’s life hack: Declutter all aspects of your life.


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