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An artist at home and at the salon, Ali treats every minute behind the chair as a chance to be creative. Even with almost a decade of experience as a stylist, Ali continues to hone her craft. She travels to Chicago regularly to attend Wella’s color training and will attain the prestigious status of Master Color Expert in 2018.

But Ali’s not in it for the prestige. She’s in it for the fun! She’s addicted to tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and the training from visiting stylists at Mira. She takes an artistic approach to beauty and finds inspiration everywhere, in whatever she’s doing at the moment. Funny and adventurous, her hands work as quickly as her mind–she does hair at the speed of light.

When she’s not at Mira, you’ll find Ali hiking, doing yoga, reading, making art, and going to see comedians and bands. If you really want to get her going, ask about her housefly taxidermy.

Ali’s life hack: If at first you don’t succeed, google it and try again.


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