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Pop-culture savant Erin enjoys life and gets whatever she wants through a combination of hard work and batting those big brown eyes. Witty and a proud member of the Elaine Benes school of bad dancing, Erin is one of Mira’s most successful stylists.

Erin’s eleven-year career began at the Hair Arts Academy, followed by apprenticeship under Heather and Jamie. Today she continues her education with classes from Wella and Bumble and bumble. She avidly follows other stylists on Instagram and the amazing work by her Mira colleagues—if anyone anywhere is doing something new and fun with hair, Erin knows about it!

Talented in both cutting and coloring, Erin particularly loves the freedom of balayage. Her clients love how she brightens their day. A visit with Erin will put a spring in anyone’s step, and not just because your hair looks awesome.

Active and engaged in both nature and pop culture, Erin loves traveling and hiking just as much as following reality shows and keeping up on trends and celebrity news.

Erin’s life hack: When the music’s on, get up and DANCE!



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