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Jackie is both a timeless beauty and a closet comedian—she’s not as shy as she looks! An artist on many levels, Jackie’s creative work as a stylist is part of what makes Mira the salon it is today.

A one-time sculpture student at IU, Jackie quickly realized her real passion lay in hairdressing and transferred to the Hair Arts Academy, followed by a yearlong apprenticeship at Mira. After 15 years of experience, Jackie has emerged as a strong leader and a truly original hair artist.

Since then, her constant search for new artists and new learning has taken her from New York to Chicago and everywhere in between. She’s recently returned to her sculptural roots and learned the art of wig making. Undaunted and undeterred by preconceived ideas, Jackie loves the challenge of making unnatural things appear natural and lived in. From men’s cuts to an intense makeover, she loves it all—all the artistry, all the style.

Jackie and her husband love hiking in the hills of Brown County and also make yearly pilgrimages to Colorado to hike. They live with four beloved rescue dogs.

Jackie’s life hack: Wearing wigs saves tons of time in the morning!


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