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A beautiful mix of laid-back ease and radical professionalism, skincare guru Kenna takes her job very seriously and is always the first to laugh at herself.

A graduate of the Advanced Esthetics Program from the renowned Aveda Fredric’s Institute, Kenna routinely takes classes on makeup, waxing and skincare. Certified in dermaplaning and clinical high frequency treatment, she’s part of the team that has raised the bar for Mira’s spa.

Kenna has a passion for skincare and loves the moment after dermaplaning when a client looks in the mirror at their skin in amazement at the instant results.

Kenna loves the beach (where of course she always wears sunscreen!), especially the gorgeous beaches in Aruba, and walking her two mini golden doodles Buckeye and Scarlett.

Kenna’s life hack: Dave Ramsey’s financial advice and envelope system are the way to go!


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