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Sarah and hair go way back, to her first job as a shampoo assistant at age 14 in a small salon in England. Her life has taken her from England to Cyprus and back to England and finally to Bloomington, where her clients love her hilarious sense of humor even more than her British accent.

A proponent of mastering foundational techniques and classic looks, Sarah is also fascinated by the art and the science of customizing hair color (or “colour,” as she spells it). She loves to play the long game, to help clients attain a look that can’t be reached in a single sitting. Sarah thrives on the challenge of making each stage of growing out a cut or transitioning color look fantastic, never boring. Nothing is more rewarding than the final reveal, that session when it all comes together, and the person fully owns their new look—no more hiding behind their hair.

Singing makes Sarah happy, as does spending time with her husband and kids. They inspire her to work harder so they can enjoy all the little extras and experiences as a family together.

Sarah’s life hack: Dry shampoo saves time and leads to happier, healthier hair!


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