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An effortless mentor and educator to Mira’s newer staff, Tiffany’s thirteen years of experience show in her wisdom about hair and people. Warm, professional and a little bit spicy, Tiffany can put anyone at ease with her sparkling eyes and smile. So much more than a manager, Tiffany is a true leader of the salon: driven by the heart in the Mira Way and passionate about nurturing our stylists’ professional expertise.

Tiffany’s career kicked off with beauty school years ago in Texas, and she’s just as excited to learn today as she was then. She’s taken classes and seminars on everything from color, cutting and styling to business and management. She’s learned from the best at O & M, Aquage, Wella, Bumble and bumble, and she’s become one of the best at helping others learn, too. She embraces the value of lifelong education and is a driving force to keep that value alive in the salon. Tiffany loves to see the light bulb go off when someone “gets it.”

A natural redhead, Tiffany is of course inspired by everything color. As Mira’s color wizard, she’s mastered the hard work of color correction and major changes as well as the fine hand required for simple color and delicate transitions. Color is everywhere! If she’s not coloring hair, she’s drawing or painting.

Tiffany’s adventurous spirit inspires her to explore new places, traveling whenever she can. She sees beauty all over the world, wherever she goes.

Tiffany’s life hack: Save up for vacations by setting aside a different denomination of bills every week.


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