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The Mira Way

There’s a special way we do things at Mira. It stems from our shared beliefs and our commitment to act with intention.

We believe that kindness is everything. We believe that beauty always radiates from the inside out. We believe the heart knows what is right, and that when we act from love first, everything else falls into place.

We believe in the power of human touch and human experience to connect us. We strive to create a safe space for each of us to explore and express our authentic selves. We believe in giving our full attention, in listening to understand, and in offering our trust and our truth–even when we’re a little scared. We believe in learning from our mistakes and being generous with our forgiveness, because we’re all human.

We believe in working hard and being of service, and we believe that work is only one piece of a meaningful life. We cherish family, celebrate creativity and never stop learning. We hone our skills continuously: first as novices, later as professionals, and even as experts who mentor others.

We actively seek joy and new possibilities. We choose growth over fear and make risky leaps of faith. We believe we can help each other become our best selves, because beauty shines through all of us.

Come experience the Mira way.

The Mira Way