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The Mira Way

The Mira Way

After twenty two years of serving my clients behind the chair and twelve of those years juggling my roles as the ”boss lady” and educator, I made the tough decision to step away from the one I most identified with, the hairdresser.  It was truly one of the biggest decisions of my life. 

If you don’t know me personally, I should explain that having the opportunity to connect with you in my chair, deliver the perfect coif, and make your experience one you’ll never forget was and is my passion.

At Mira we believe in old school customer service. It’s personal, intentional and far removed from technology. I’m so grateful that our work provides the opportunity to tap into the “human experience”; funny saying that while writing my first blog entry. But I’ve decided to join the millennium and use Mira and this blog to fill the universe with beauty and goodness.

This leads me to one of Mira’s first tasks this past year. We came together as a family of hairdressers, estheticians, receptionists, educators, mentors, directors, and business owners to create our mission statement. One of my cherished clients, Gretchen Knapp, took our words and feelings and turned them into a poetic manifesto that we titled, “The Mira Way”. It’s worth the read and  I still cry every time I do.