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Our Products

At Mira, we only sell products that we believe offer real value to our clients. We do a lot of research to ensure anything we sell to you meets our high standards for quality, and plenty of products don’t make the cut. We can say with confidence that anything you buy from us is the real deal!

Salon-grade products use more concentrated ingredients and meet higher standards. Most importantly, they help you recreate the salon look you love at home. For clients with color-treated hair, high-quality haircare products are essential to protect your investment and help your color stay rich and beautiful longer.

Finally, as a small local business, we appreciate your loyalty! When you choose to buy your haircare supplies from us, you help us keep our doors open and our employees fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication to serving in the Mira Way. We reinvest a percentage of all product sales into individual education funds for our stylists and for continuing education at the salon. Your product purchase helps us ensure Mira always offers awesome, on-trend style and technique.