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Mariah lives life hands-on. Gardening? Check. Home improvement? Check. Quilting? Stitch an X on that box, too, and never mind if it’s a little crooked. Mariah dreams big. She’s got notebooks and sketches and plans for everything, and there’s nothing she can’t accomplish with willpower and a YouTube tutorial.

With 15 years in customer service, Mariah has learned a few things. If you listen closely, each person has fascinating experiences. If you look closely, each day becomes a shifting kaleidoscope of stories and faces that reveals new perspectives, new ideas, new beauty. She loves helping other people see themselves through a different lens. Sometimes that takes a fresh cut or style. Other times, a little spa pampering works magic from the inside out.

Mariah’s life hack: Buy a moisture meter for your house plants, and you’ll never drown or dry them out again (mostly never).