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Vibrant, expressive and energetic, Mary is Mira’s front desk queen as well as the Director of Experience. She’s ready for anyone who walks through our doors and sets the tone for a great visit. For Mary, even the smallest interactions matter. She sees each exchange as an opportunity to learn about someone and make a connection.

With six years in customer service behind her, Mary continues to grow her skills by attending leadership retreats with ZingTrain, Jan Marini product knowledge classes and Jane Iredale classes on color matching. She’s obsessed with beauty and makeup trends and is always “up” on what’s new.

Mary loves cheering her husband on while he runs half marathons and reading her favorite childhood books to her son. She has a weakness for shopping for makeup, but hey, that’s because there is so much great stuff out there to try!

Mary’s life hack: Buck up and carry all the groceries in one trip—there is a way. (Bonus points if, like Mary, you can also carry your one-year-old. Safety first!)