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Mira: A Tapestry of Style and Goods

When I’m asked what I love about my work or what I like to do the answer is always, I like to make things pretty.

It can be someone’s haircut, picking out my costume for the day, making a display of products, or finding the perfect accessory for my kitchen. Our surroundings and how it makes us feel matters.

So when my friend and fellow hairdresser, Anna Stoddard asked if I’d ever consider expanding into home goods and things that accentuate the beauty in everyday life, the answer was, YES!

After several conversations and let’s be honest, a few cocktails Mira Market was born. We’re not doing something that’s never been done but we will do it The Mira Way and that makes all the difference.

So when you’re in next take a minute to walk around, see what’s new and you’ll discover that Mira is a tapestry of style and goods.