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A longtime member of the Mira family, Anna’s no-drama strength and warmth have won loyalty from her clients and peers. Anna takes a hands-on approach to life: as a stylist, as a sculptor, as a DIY renovation fanatic, and as the salon’s resident handywoman who fixes anything and everything. Her laughter lights up the studio.

An artist by training, Anna brings a sense of shape and form to her work in hair. She holds degrees in ceramic sculpture from Indiana University and in cosmetology from Regency Beauty Institute. With seven years in the chair, Anna takes full advantage of classes Mira offers on new scissor techniques with Bumble and bumble and new coloring techniques from Wella educators.

Anna is expert at finding each person’s unique strengths and maximizing them, at enhancing natural hair color and making thoughtful shifts in style. She loves connecting with clients, hearing their stories, and helping them shape their outer look to match their inner sense of self. In her free time she haunts junk shops and salvage yards for raw material to repurpose for her eclectic home decor and renovation projects.

Anna’s life hack: If you’re working late, order food to be delivered when you leave—instant dinner gratification!


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