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Committed, poised, whimsical, Heather brings joy and compassion to the hard work of building a successful business. She first joined Mira as a stylist at its startup in 1995. When she and her husband Ryan had the opportunity to buy the salon in 2005, they took a deep breath and then took the leap. With a visionary sense of beauty and service, Heather is always true to her values, family, staff and clients. She leads from the heart and drives the salon’s commitment to the Mira Way. Her adventurous, innovative sense of style infuses her business and her home. Her warmth and free-spirited laugh can lift anyone’s spirits.  Heather says, “I’m humbled by the opportunity to be of service to those around us and forever grateful for the beautiful souls at

Mira that guide us as leaders.

I love the salon world because style helps us express something deeper, something about who we are. I see my life as a tapestry of style: in beauty, in fashion, in my home, even in the company I keep. I can’t help but see the beauty in it all. I’ll forever be proud of the work we do.”

As of April 2024, Heather made the decision to step away from ownership to spend more time with her family and has passed that torch, she has so proudly carried for over 20 years on to Mary. She is excited to still be in the salon behind the chair and be of service in that way to her always loyal clients!