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Jamie plays a special role in the Mira family, and not just because of her twenty years of experience and her genius for haircutting. Soulful and spiritual, Jamie is a healer of both hearts and hair, a person who uplifts everyone she meets.

Jamie trained with Vidal Sassoon and Sassoon-trained artists such as Sonya Dove and Vivienne Mackinder. The Sassoon touch shows in Jamie’s cutting precision and attention to detail; she expertly creates shapes that accentuate individual beauty. But the Jamie touch is what makes her special. Relationship-driven, she loves hearing people’s stories and drawing inspiration from their life. The art of hairdressing, for Jamie, is not just about beauty and artistic expression, but also about love, trust, sharing, and kindness. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Jamie’s nurturing and creative nature is evident in her jewelry design, yoga and chanting practice, and spiritual mentoring work. Growth-oriented, gentle and positive, she seeks to raise her own consciousness and that of others as well in everything she does.

Jamie’s life hack: Green tea latte from Starbucks every day!


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